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When I started teaching English in Russia a lot of my early teaching was done in group conversation classes where 15-30 people would come along to take part in a conversation class. It's a great starting point for new ESL teachers and if you teach ESL, you probably know exactly what I'm talking about, right? 

Many of those classes were often really fun and in many ways, they shaped me as a teacher, but trying to think about what to talk about for 1-2 hours with a group of strangers each week whilst also trying to control and host educational and engaging conversation was incredibly difficult, especially because there was a real lack of quality resources out there to help.

However, the reality of such classes is that they are generally a waste of time for a lot of the students who attend them because there are always one or two people who lead the conversation and often derail it, despite the best efforts of the teacher. I found that some students would lose confidence in a class, rather than gain it and that they would often pick up bad habits from other well-intended students. This was a big problem for me as I base my whole teaching ethos on giving students the confidence they need to speak English freely.


I quit doing it after a couple of years and started focusing more on classroom-based teaching of grammar in groups. At first, it felt a lot more rewarding as I could really help and develop a student over time. However, over the years I grew frustrated with the school's attitude to learning as most English schools, in my experience at least, tend to value profit over progress for the students. To start with, it was nice to have a book, a crutch, to lean on during class while I myself learnt the fundamentals of the language and how to teach it, but over time the books I was forced to teach became repetitive and restrictive and I realised that I could help students much more effectively teaching one-one-one.


So with nothing more than a few questions scribbled down on a piece of paper, a knackered old laptop and a $10 headset I started teaching one-on-one lessons online. That was 5 years ago but over time I have now developed those scribbles into the lessons that I'm teaching today. They are tried and tested with only the best questions and exercises making the cut when I decided to turn them into beautiful PDF's that could also be shared with the student. 

In my experience, your average intermediate+ student has less desire to learn and study grammar and more interest in increasing their vocabulary and fluency speaking, even if that means they make some grammatical errors. I'm not talking about students who are learning English to pass an IELTS exam so they can study and/or work abroad, I'm talking about the majority of students who are learning English to increase their life skills and these students need conversation. They want to practice talking about a very wide range of topics that are interested in, they want some gentle correction of grammatical errors but what they really want is practice speaking with a native speaker so that they can pick up real language and sound like a real person rather than a robot fresh from studying back to back grammar-based classes for the last year!

Believe me when I say that there are many students who need this type of lesson and I'm proud to be able to share with you, what I think is a rather unique set of lesson plans designed for teaching English one-on-one, ideally online, but they will also work face to face so long as you have access to the internet (but who doesn't carry a phone with them these days anyway?)

If you're thinking of making the move to teaching English online then these lesson plans are exactly what you need. They will save you literally hundreds of hours of preparation and within a few lessons, they will have paid for themselves. I wish I was able to find something like this when I started out but sadly I couldn't. Do the smart thing and save yourself all that time and effort and trust in me, someone that has been through the whole process learnt from the mistakes and created lesson plans that work!

I currently have 25 lesson plans ready for you but I will be adding to them over time. I will sell you all 25 lesson plans for a one-off payment of £150, plus, each time I create a new lesson I will email it to you at no extra cost. Each lesson currently works out at £6 which I think is exceptional value. 

I used to spend 15-30 minutes prepping for each 60-minute class and I have taught thousands of lessons so just think how much time you will be saving yourself by investing in these plans. The joy of these plans is that there is virtually no prep needed at all, you may need to spend a few minutes getting yourself familiar with them the first time you teach them but then after that, you shouldn't need to spend any time prepping at all! 

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