I would like to show you exactly how my lessons work. Each lesson is 60 minutes long and all of my lessons are suitable for intermediate students or higher (B1+ CEFR) but some are more complex and challenging than others. Please look at the example lesson plan below which is based on the topic Technology.

I have carefully designed each of my lessons with three main ideas in mind:

  1. To teach you vocabulary in context connected to the topic. 

  2. To help you feel super confident talking about the topic in English.

  3. To develop a really good conversation between the two of us, because we shouldn't forget that there is an art to conversation and practice makes perfect!

Each lesson begins by looking at an idiom/phrase of the day plus a word of the day connected to the topic
(2-5 minutes)

Next comes the warm-up which is just a few simple questions designed to start a conversation. It will allow you to feel relaxed and allow me to understand what areas of the language I need to help you with during the class. (5-10 minutes)

The vocabulary is where we look at some key vocabulary connected to the topic. We will use this vocabulary as we continue through the class.

It is my intention to teach you 10 - 20 new words during each class. Some words are taught in the vocabulary section here, but others will be taught in a more casual way as the conversation develops.

Don't worry if you already know these words, I will adjust the flow of the class to make sure that you learn new vocabulary during every single lesson. (5-10 minutes)


Just for fun comes next which is where you will get a chance to practice using the vocabulary from page one. Sometimes it will be a quiz or a game, depending on the lesson.  (2-5 minutes)

Every good conversation needs a taking point and that's what the discussion section is here for. As well as having the vocabulary to discuss a topic it is important to know how to make your point and that is why I have included this section in the lesson. (5-10 minutes)

The main part of the lesson comes at the end. Speaking practice is where I expect you to talk, talk and talk some more! You will once again get the chance to practice using all the language you have learnt during the lesson. 


This section of the lesson is designed to be a free-flowing conversation and allows flexibility for you to really explore the language connected to the topic and take the conversation in any direction you like, or if you prefer, we can follow the structured questions which I have written to get us talking!. (20-40 minutes)

*Additional notes: Every lesson is slightly different. In some lessons, we may watch a short video or use the internet as a resource. Some lessons may contain short grammar explanations or exercises.


That's all there is to it. I teach all of mt lessons through the Amazing Talker website so all you need to do now is decide which lesson you would like to take first. Once you have decided please visit my profile page to book a date and time, then make payment.

The whole process is automated by Amazing Talker. All lessons last 50 minutes, please click here to visit my profile where you can chat with me if you have any questions, thank you. 

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